0.2.1: Introducing Hazards

Gravity Break 0.2.1 released!

I'd love some feedback on the new Hazards!

I have made the easiest implementation I could think of, but got caught on some math that was acting up, and what's in game is pretty basic right now:

  • They spawn with coins, has a speed and are covering an epileptic area, slowly increasing in size and losing "strength" over time, disappearing when they reach a certain size.
  •  You take damage when you enter and exit, and every frame you stay inside, base on your relative velocity: If you move along them, you take no damage, if you crash into it, you may die instantly.

So a lot is going on, but it's really hard to read. I was planning on making them spawn around planets and maybe make them appear around any coins you are approaching, making it necessary to slow down to collect points. Which would make the game a whole lot harder, but I'm not sure how, or if it would work. And the readability is a tough one to crack. Any ideas or observations are greatly appreciated

Following hazards, I need to add repairs, and for starters, I'm thinking of just adding it to planets automatically like fuel, maybe at a cost. Following that, I'd love to create docking-interface for visiting planets. Or swap the coins for economy.

I also did some minor adjustments to the simulation and HUD, making the gravity effect more noticeable and increasing readability on the icons.


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Jan 22, 2020

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