The near future

What a year! This project went on pause even before the world turned upside down, but I'm back and ready to move forward :)

I have revamped the controls, added some alerts for better feedback and tweaked the UI a bit, and there is much more to come. There are some rough edges, but overall I have listened to the lovely people who have tried to play my game. I hope this will make it a bit easier for everyone!

For higher accessibility, I've modeled the interaction off the classic Spacewar!, with a limited velocity to avoid people losing control in orbit. To override, you can hold shift and lose yourself in the black.

The next change I want to tweak the scale, remove manual zoom and make is transitions between system scales - so you can "zoom" to the earth system and back to sol and so on. This will take a lot of work with my current code mess, but I think there is something amazing hidden there.

Next, I want to add shooting and something to shoot at - asteroids to be specific. Again, drawing from the classics :)

Further down the line, not much have changed. I still want to create a living solar system, and adding stations and economy is going to be super interesting. Before that though, I need to find an approachable and fun core loop, which I realize is severely lacking so far.

Give my game a go, and please let me know what you think in the comments or in a DM!


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Apr 03, 2021

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