Target audience

Who are your target audience? This has always been a loathsome question. I've been thinking "everyone!" and "me!", never "males 18-29, western world" or "some nationality and generalizable data point".

However, I am coming to the realization that my idea of everyone, and myself, is not necessarily very apparent, and not at all a target audience that I can actually expect to profit from - unless "everyone" literally means everyone in t he world will want to play this game. Which is absurd.

So, who are these people I am thinking about? Well, that's what personas are for, I guess.

But to start it off, I think I can break it down in a simple generalization:

People interested in space, science and science fiction, who are not offended if I trash talk capitalism, age 12+, with access to a smartphone, who don't mind spending minimum 2 hours on a game for a complete experience.

So, what do I need personas for, now that I have a generalization? I can easily read my market based on a few assumptions and observations, but a set of personas might inspire some marketing strategies.

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