0.4 launched!

This is a huge update for me. The past few weeks have been crazy, I've gotten the validation that my idea actually works, and now it is crystalizing. The major features which have been implemented are:

- Land on planets. Make sure you can afford to take off again!

- Controls overhauled. I've added the new Unity Input System and cleaned up my code, while tweaking values and feedback to a point that I am proud of.

- Guide to deep space! Can't find Saturn? Look for a small dot at the edge of the screen  - that might be it. I'm sorry that there is nothing special to see there yet :(

- GUI update: Mostly behind the scenes stuff, but the rocket icons are upright now!

Please let me know what you think, any feedback and ideas are highly appreciated.


GravityBreak_win_0.4.zip 27 MB
Jan 08, 2022

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